Plumbing Excavation; How Deep Are Residential Water, Sewer & Gas Lines Buried in Middletown, OH?

Plumbing services often require excavation; from water line piping repair or replacements to digging up the sewer for specific needs, the excavation needs are a necessary to complete many plumbing tasks. Not all plumbing companies provide the service, as a result, additional costs are not only added, but often the expense is higher than with a plumbing company that offers excavation services. With the right plumber, you can get your plumbing excavation done correctly with as little interruption to your landscape as possible. When it comes to fixing an underground plumbing or sewer problem, you have no stress with Kevin W Puckett Plumbing. With that in mind, we would like to shine some light on plumbing excavation services.

How Deep Are Residential Water, Sewer & Gas Lines Buried?

We are very experienced in handling the excavation work that involves digging up existing water and sewer lines and performing the essential repairs to the damaged pipe sections or replacing the entire pipeline all together if need be in a professional and efficient manner. Depending on the region of the country and the severity of the damage dictates how small or large this project can be. In the colder climates, much like Ohio, sewer systems are buried anywhere from 4 to even 18 feet underground for example. A number of factors involved for the depth are mandated by climate, depth of connecting infrastructure, as well as the local plumbing codes. Deep sewer and water lines require sophisticated and large excavation equipment that might include backhoes, mini excavators or other heavy duty machinery.

Underground Water Pipe Leaks & Other Problems

Underground plumbing problems have a number of examples that include the following:
Roots in sewer line: Tree or shrub roots growth can completely invaded the sewer line causing voids in the piping.
Poor pipe quality: Existing pipes that were installed with a low-grade will quickly deteriorate or corrode.
Leaking joints: Sewage will flow into surrounding soil when the seals between pipe sections have broken.
Corrosion: Over time, the pipes will corrode, causing the pipe’s integrity to become compromised and cause problems.
Damaged pipes: Broken, cracked, or collapsed pipes are a problem that is fairly common, especially in older homes.
Obstructions: Restricting water flow is a problem when blockage caused by a large foreign clog the pipes.
Bellied pipe: This occurs when a section of the pipe sank because of poor ground or soil conditions.

Plumbing Excavation Services & More in Middletown, OH | Butler & Warren Counties, Ohio

Providing our customers with water and sewer line excavation and repair is a benefit to reduce costs and ensure the work is performed efficiently. With the necessary digging equipment and safety gear, such as trench shoring walls to protect the crew from cave-ins for examples, we can make certain the work is conducted in a safe manner without sacrificing quality. With safety and precision our experts will diligently get the work done as quickly as possible while keeping to professional conduct and minimal interruption to your business or home activities. No matter what your plumbing excavation needs is, Kevin W Puckett Plumbing is readily available to get the job done. Give us a call today to get started!

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