Plumbing Excavation; Septic, Sewer, Gas & Water Line Replacement

At Kevin W. Puckett Plumbing, we understand that septic, sewer, gas, and water line damage can cause problems and extensive damage to your property. On many occasions, the only way to properly repair your water, septic, gas, or sewer issues is to begin excavating. Our teams of excavating specialists, licensed plumbers and certified technicians have all the necessary tools and equipment to professionally excavate around your Butler or Warren County home or business. With over 23 years in the plumbing industry, we have decades of experience moving dirt to take care of all types of septic, sewer, gas, and water line repair and replacement issues.

Excavation for Septic, Sewer & Water Line Repair or Replacement in Butler and Warren County

At Kevin W. Puckett Plumbing, our excavation specialists have the knowledge and experience in sump pump installation, pipe locating, water line replacement, backhoe work, and yard grading. The safety of you, your family, your employees, and your business associates is very important to us. We are licensed, bonded, insured, and educated in the industry standards for safety. While the thought of excavation can be an overwhelming experience for many home or business owners, in many circumstance it is the only way to take care of your repairs or replacements properly.

Common Plumbing Reasons to Excavate Include:
• Installation of exterior drain pipes
• Repair yard grading to prevent leaks
• Repair water main
• Sump pump installation
• Replace or repair sewer or water lines

Menu of Plumbing Excavation Services

Sewer Line Trenching:
At Kevin W. Puckett Plumbing, our excavation services include: sewer replacement, demolition, slab leak repair, sump pump installation, sewer ejectors, septic systems, gas line repair, pipe inspection, draining systems, sewer line trenching and much more. The most common method used for sewer line repair involves utilizing a backhoe to dig a trench to allow access to the damaged area. Once your professional repairs have been completed, we will use the backhoe to refill the entire area.

Trenchless Sewer Line Repair:
The trenchless repair process involves making a series of access holes along the damaged pipe. The repair is made by pulling the new pipe through the damaged one. This method of line repair is much less damaging than other methods as the only dirt that is moved is at the beginning and end of the broken area as opposed to the entire line.

Gas Line Replacement, Repair & New Installation:
The experienced professionals at Kevin W. Puckett Plumbing have the necessary training and education to install and repair gas lines. Special care must be taken to ensure that the hazardous gas be contained to avoid injury. Appliances including water heaters, clothes dryers, and outdoor grills are often fueled by gas. We use quality products, parts and equipment to ensure that your new lines are professionally and safely installed and connected to your appliances. We can also inspect your existing gas lines to ensure that they are working correctly. We can provide quality gas line replacement services at prices you can afford.

Water Main Line Repair and Installation:
Your water main is designed to last for decades but on occasion it can leak which if left unchecked can result in extensive flood damage. If you have experienced a water main break, contact the experts at Kevin W. Puckett Plumbing for assistance. Our qualified technicians have the necessary tools and equipment to professional take care of all of your pipeline excavation needs.

Plumbing Excavation; Septic, Sewer, Gas & Water Line Replacement in Middletown, OH, Butler & Warren County, Ohio

For more information regarding water, sewer, septic, and gas line repair, replacement and installation in Butler or Warren County, contact the knowledgeable experts at Kevin Puckett Plumbing today.

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