Plumbing Excavation in Lebanon, OH; Laying Sewer Pipe, Installing Water Lines, Fix Corroded Pipes & More

When it comes to plumbing, there are certain instances when excavation is necessary, though there are equally reasons at why trenchless services may be simpler. As the industry leader in Ohio, Kevin W. Puckett Plumbing, we provide minimally invasive, high-quality excavation services that are applicable under the various circumstances. Using advanced technology, we can ensure…

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Plumbing Excavation; How Deep Are Residential Water, Sewer & Gas Lines Buried in Middletown, OH?

Plumbing services often require excavation; from water line piping repair or replacements to digging up the sewer for specific needs, the excavation needs are a necessary to complete many plumbing tasks. Not all plumbing companies provide the service, as a result, additional costs are not only added, but often the expense is higher than with…

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